Millbrook Winery & Shunpike Dairy Farm

December is quickly fading and the New Year is creeping in. Looking back we did way more exploring than designing, but hey sometimes exploring is just way more fun! Here's a snapshot of two more favorite moments, one to satiate your longing for a cold glass of rosé in the warm sun as the temps start to plummet and another to inspire you to drive out to a local farm and pick up something good for you.

One fun thing about moving upstate is that there are heaps of wineries to visit. This visit in particular was to Millbrook Vineyards & Winery, located on the east side of the Hudson River in Millbrook. Friday nights in the summer you can find this winery packed with locals picnicking in the lawn, live music playing, and a different food truck vendor every week serving something yummy. There are several wines on tap to choose from and a pretty stunning view. They also make their own olive oil and it's incredible. Our good friend gifted it to us as a housewarming present and we definitely used it up in about a week!

Millbrook Vineyards is located on what used to be a 130 acre dairy farm so my transition to a real dairy farm should be pretty seamless...

Well, they actually ARE located in close proximity to each other so we can plan our day like, "Wanna grab some raw milk then go drink some wine?"

Raw milk is something we've been wanting to try for a while. We purchased some back when we were living in Brooklyn strictly for making cheese, but never really got into drinking it. We learned that raw milk is super controversial with so many studies and articles for and against it. It is not sold in most grocery stores and you usually need to buy it straight from a farmer like Shunpike Dairy.

We're not big milk drinkers and typically just use it in our morning coffee, so I was open to trying it. I honestly thought it was going to taste really weird, but it's actually really delicious. One of the benefits is that it's supposed to be easy to digest, which is always a plus. It's also more affordable than I thought.

If raw milk isn't your thing, they also sell fresh eggs, maple syrup, raw honey and produce. We were pretty excited to find Shunpike Dairy so close to home. The farm is really beautiful and we had so much fun exploring. Support a local farm, take a drive and check it out!