Hello! [& goodbye]

Welcome! I’m so excited to be starting this project. This is for all you city dwellers looking for motivation and inspiration to overcome the fear of moving outside of a city. Yes, it can be such a scary thought and yes, at times I thought it would never happen, but alas it has! After living in Brooklyn for over five years, my husband and I are heading North. Permanently. Both of us being native New Yorkers felt it was time to take a much needed break from city life and try something different. We couldn’t bring ourselves to leave New York entirely and the idea of leaving the city was traumatizing enough, so we explored many towns along the Hudson River and fell in love. After many exciting/exhausting trips and viewing countless houses, we finally found our home. Of course we are so nervous and so sad to say goodbye to Brooklyn with all it’s beauty and lovely conveniences, but we are beyond thrilled to start this new life in the Hudson Valley. We’ll be Brooklyn residents for just two more short weeks, so join us on our journey of discovering what this transition has in store…