From Pile Drivers to Pine Trees

What a busy year this has been and will continue to be for us and those near and dear. As much as we want to focus all our energy on our new home we can’t help but show our love and support for all the enormous life events happening with friends and family: showers, babies, and weddings galore! In the midst of all this excitement we have been savoring every precious moment we have at home adjusting to this slower life, having long discussions over which spaces to work on first, and getting out to explore our new surroundings.

Having transitioned one month ago from practically living in a construction zone to utter peace and quiet has been quite a treat. It is taking some getting used to since all the sounds we do hear now are those quirky creaks coming from the house and nature’s music right outside our windows. The most exciting part about the property has been watching the transformation of melting snow to new growth of flowers and budding trees. We’ll take the tranquility of being up on a hill surrounded by pine trees instead of pile drivers any day. Sheesh, what an upgrade!

Take a peek into our living room

Take a peek into our living room

The more time we spend hanging around the house the more we are starting to learn which spaces will be utilized the most. We are in love with our living room with adjacent screened porch and have decided that since the warmer weather is coming (although it seems to be taking its sweet time) we will probably be spending more time outdoors and want to concentrate on some of those prime spots. Ryan has been obsessively composting so we can get moving on planting our vegetable garden and I am really excited to start shopping for fun outdoor furniture pieces.

But first a detour! We just need to knock out a little trip to Italy to partake in my brother’s romantic Tuscan wedding. The perfect excuse to fill our very empty wine cabinet with delicious Italian reds, get inspired by the beautiful architecture and landscapes, and shop for unique finds to add to our home decor. Stay tuned as we journey through Milan, Bologna, Tuscany and lastly Lake Iseo - never heard of it? Check out these two articles that had us convinced:

Spring? Summer? Please be here when we get back!