The Final Five

Our Brooklyn days are numbered, just 5 short ones until we close on our mid century gem! Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly. Up until now this house has been playing a game of “hard to get” and at this point we wouldn’t be surprised. I guess there is a greater appreciation for those things that are more difficult to obtain? So far this has been true. It seems so long since our offer was accepted (December) and we have since been waiting, eagerly impatient. Now it is creeping up super fast and these past few days of purging and packing have opened up the realness of it all. As I write this, in our almost empty room, I am feeling all of the feels. It is an emotional roller coaster for sure.

As I circle around all the things to miss - friends, traveling everywhere by foot/train, easy neighborhood hopping, the Park, incredible restaurants and bars right outside our door, ordering take out - the list goes on, I can’t help but feel comforted by thoughts of all the annoyances - construction/loud noises, trekking 4 flights of stairs, crowds, expensive lack of space, etc. - and all the reasons we made this decision.

In honor of our last 5 days, below are some of my favorite Brooklyn moments captured by photograph.

How will we spend these last 5? As I obsessively make lists of our last Brooklyn everything, my husband will be venturing off this weekend on a cruise for a friend’s bachelor party. I, on the other hand, will surely be soaking up the last bits of Brooklyn with friends, visiting all the favs and maybe finding some new ones, as this marks our last weekend residing here. (Oh and some more packing is also on the agenda, obviously.) Of course we will be back! There are too many reasons not to return and it sure as hell will not be the same, but isn’t that the point?